Why us

Why Us

My Life Foundation is a community-driven organization to provide behavioral and mental health services for the Asian American communities through prevention education, advocacy, health promotion, public awareness programs, and referral services in order to reduce any health disparities and increase well-being and health equality.

Building upon our core beliefs, My Life Foundation recognizes the unique challenges faced by the Asian American community. Cultural nuances, language barriers, and the societal pressure to conform to certain standards can often act as roadblocks in seeking mental and behavioral health support. It's our endeavor to create a safe and understanding platform where these challenges are acknowledged, and the individuals are provided with holistic and tailored solutions.


Our Programs


Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

  • Mental Health Awareness & Prevention
  • QPR Gatekeeper (Suicide Prevention)
  • Mental Health First Aid
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Wellness & Healthy Living

  • Chronic Disease Self-Management
  • Diabetes Self -Management
  • Tai Ji Quan (Fall Prevention)
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Drug-Free Communities

  • Substance Use Disorder Prevention
  • Naloxone Resources and Training
  • Guiding Good Choice
  • Alcohol & Tobacco/Vaping Prevention
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Workforce Development

  • Certified Community Health Worker
  • Certified Dementia Practitioner Training
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